Protecting your home while you are on holiday

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Top security tips to do before going on holiday

Protecting your home while you are on holiday

Top security tips to do before going on holiday

Burglary is still one of the most common crimes all around the world and the majority of it happens when someone is not at home for a longer amount of time, especially if the person lives in a house. Let’s see how we can make sure our home is the least vulnerable for breaking in. Here’s some of our tips on protecting your home while you are on holidays.

1.) Ask a locksmith to do a security check on doors and windows

This is always a good tip, especially for those who are either going on a holiday for a longer period of time, for those who are often away from home or those who live in an area which is particularly prone to burglary. Security check includes the thorough check of window and door locks, the hinges, the material of the doors, the plates around the door locks to make sure the door cannot be forced open with a crowbar or the lock cannot be snapped out of its place. There are many ways to make an already existing lock way more protected, with the installation of extra plates or stronger hinges.

2.) Locksmiths can tell you right away which areas are the most vulnerable

Every home has one or two areas which need that little bit of an extra protection in order for it to be safe again. The most important areas are of course the entrance doors, which also include any French doors or balcony doors which are the easiest to open up or push in. There are specific locks to protect these areas and its well worth the money, especially when you plan to be away for a longer period of time.

3.) Locksmiths can advise you how to stay insurance compliant

Locksmiths can also help you by advising you on how to be totally insurance compliant, as most home insurance companies have quite a strict list of conditions as to how secure a house or home should be in order for them to pay back the exact amount stolen in case of a burglary.

4.) Ask a friend or relative or neighbour to check your flat regularly

Even if it’s only a few minutes they would spend there, don’t let your home send out clear signs that no one is there, especially for more than a couple of days. The post is definitely the biggest tell-tale sign of someone not being at home for a longer amount of time.

5.) Don’t advertise that you are leaving for holidays

We like to talk about our holidays and it’s totally understandable, but let’s try to withhold all the joy of going away, because sometimes, the bad person can pick on it and would give this news to burglars who are all too keen to rob a home which is empty for a longer amount of time. Post your holiday photos on social when you are back from holidays, this is the safest approach.